Around the Internet and my new art piece

And here's my current WIP :D
Lol, somehow, lately I'm so into YouTube right now...

You've got to watch this parody, so funny, I like how twitter got so popular so fast. :D

It's amazing how normal people feel the celebrity life. She did all of these! I admire her passion. :D

And then i'm currently dreaming big about this Japanese live from the anime : Nodame Cantabile!!!
I love music so much!!! :D

You can watch it here... link (For the LIVE version)

And here are also some shots :D

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More Shots...

(from link )

This one is the anime series...

LOL, and by the way, just experienced 2 quizzes today, really something, hope I have great results!!! ^__^ SO tomorrow's another quiz day! (everyday, actually)


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