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Playing the violin is a blessing

All right... First of all, I thought that learning the violin is easy to handle and for a few lessons you could graduate yourself to a new level! But... I was wrong... It's so terribly hard! But I don't want to lose and give up, I love my violin so much.

My first day was tough. My teacher, Miss Fatima, wanted to hear me play. Even though I had a previous lesson a few years ago, I can't play a single thing! Because my previous teacher didn't teach me the important part, but seriously he didn't really teach me anything. I was ashamed, but gradually I'm happy that I met her even though the tutorial fee at the University is a bit expensive. *_* But of course it has a title, being enrolled at the conservatory of music in UST Manila is an honor. And for that cost, I learned a great thing. And as lessons pass on by, I'm inspired every on and then. And said "I will do my best"

It made me really happy to learn how to tune, to fix the strings, and to read the notes! I'll do my best to be a great violinist as my sideline. I really want to move on. Even if I receive negative criticism about how I play the violin, it can affect me and make me sad, but nonetheless I won't "give up" no matter what! Lol, inspired by the anime La Corda d'oro Primo Passo, and wanting to watch the Secondo passo (2nd season) so much!!!! :333

Because I started this... Thus I want to finish every single step to reach the top.


Lol, my hands hurt, :) ...

Playing the violin was really a challenge and it affected my love for drawing coz I am a left handed, but at the same time I was scared of losing my talent from my left hand because of practice (orz). . I have finger corns ... yeah ... up to now.. but it wont make me stop to draw.... AJA

My First Violin Recital!!!

My first violin recital has ended today!!! It was so fun and i love that i have experienced it. Though I did some mistakes on my recital, I said to myself, It's ok Diana, you can do it! And then I was so relieved after many of the performers ended their piece, so they also made some mistakes. Meaning to say, I was not alone to have done such mistakes. Though I could have done better, but nevertheless, I will always do my best! :D

Here are some pics... :D


Me and my brother..

Lol, my brother took all the pics while I was practicing, It was very annoying but I'm thankful. :D
Lol, Please don't crit much on my posture. My brother took the picture while I was preparing :D hehehe. I have such a... an unusual casual wear for a violin recital, but who cares? I love it! :D


Photobucket Me and my very own violin teacher. She's very professional and a great teacher. I love her so much!!!! Thank you Ma'am!!!

Photobucket Me and some of my violinist group recitalist. They are so great, unlike me. :D

I think I will not upload the video part, Lol, when I get better I want to show it to the world! I'm just beginning. Hehe..

Thank you for viewing


And here's a recent pic of me. ..I look so.. Fat, n-need to diet... :D

We all need to stay young so we need to include happiness in our daily lives not stressing and uncomfortable view in life, believe me. Lol,

So about art,... I hate ART BLOCK!!! It blocked all my free time to creat art, i was out of inspiration. XD well that's all for today! :D


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