I feel so happy and complete

LOMG, i feel so happy and complete? Hehe, i guess it's because i finally got my comments back ^__^,

This drawing was drawn last year on ms paint with tablet. My own orig. char. can-chan and vas-chan.

Hehe, and btw... lol, ok, g2g now, thanks for viewing.

Any comments? Suggestions? Feel free to contact me. ^^


Updated: 4-20-09 7pm
And i made another doodle, something soothing. XD
Control Your Powers!! =D
^--> Click the image for full view ^^



  1. wow! Nice drawing. You are an artist:)

  2. http://www.surfnlearn.com/read_tutorial/3821/

    This is a nice tutorial for Photoshop to CSS to make your blog real sweet.


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