Another great DDR experience

Well of course i will never forget one of my first experience in dancing in DDR with my best friend Coleen / Satsuki-chan.

Yesterday was a blast, my family visited me from Manila yesterday to find a new dorm... Lol, it was so exhausting. We visited many dorms, others were... unlikely high priced and other were very like... dangerous? Somewhat somehow, lol.

My 2 younger brothers were tired of walking. We walked across UST, and it was my brother's first time to walk there (we're one year apart, yep he's the 2nd). And btw, my brother will be enrolling in UST too, XD, i'll do my best to have better grades! (been studying already)

THen after this, we all went to SM edsa, lol, since my parents were buying something at cd-r king, me and my brothers went to the game station, lol, the cd-r king and the game station are only in front of each other. So me and my brothers bought tokens in courtesy of mom's Php100, lol, so that concludes 50 tokens! yippeee~~

SO i had to line up in the DDR extreme (i miss playing super nova), lol, i thought they'll never end dancing, they were like so looooonngggg!!!!


anyways, mom video me after they bought something at cd-r king, lol,
ahaha, XDDDDD

= w=



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