An outrageous P.E. day!!!

OMG.. i'm so super dupper tired today...

By the way, my pe is softball (kinda like baseball) scheduled every thursday 7-9am
I really like to choose this pe because its fun and since i don't like to register in folk dance or social dance (which is only the option i could pick) because that pe requires practice steps and all, unlike softball where you will just apply all the skills. >.<

And now, it's ipea week, lol i don't even know what IPEA means, well surely that its related to PE. And here in UST pe are only applied to first and to second year students.

And in this ipea week, we just have a superb aerobic! I'm totally hypered and totally enjoyed it! Lol te exercise lasted for 1 and a half more or less. =w =

And after that... i decided to play a wall climbing! O.o well at first i didn't because it was our dismissal on 8:30am and ma'am said that there'll be an incentive points if we joined the wall climbing trial ... (lol, 30pesos) but after a while ma'am said that the wall climbing would start at 9am... lolz that's a lot of time to wait and so hot to stay so i decided to go straight at home... but i started to think that i'm losing the opportunity of having fun... SO i then decided to play the game!
Ahahahaha,... lol i waited for about an hour to play!!! Me and some of my pe classmates registered at about quarter to nine... and then my turn was like... on about 9:55am, more or less.. and then came to my dorm at about 10:15am,... and now i'm here lying down on my bed writing this wrongly-grammared-blog... LOLz

hehe, mmmm... what else should i say? hehe

Ok then, got to go Ciao =D



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