lol, it's time to cram some projects now... lol, it's 11:30pm
Got to finish this concept paper on filipino part where the questions should be filled up...
Got to study on Psychology and Economics too =D

Hehe, lol, I didn't mention that I have a fast internet now, a new one! It's called sun broadband
Only here on the Manila, Philippines 2,500 pesos plus 799 prepaid for one month, and there! You have a broadband. Well the plan that me and my parents chose is the one on promo on 999 with a free cellphone ^___^ etc. O.O

And btw, i'm kinda watching miss fitrum now, where my batchmate kim de guzman won 1st runner up, congratz to her =D


Continuation of the epic...

i'm almost finished! =w =
Lol, I’m almost finished with this one… remember my twitter? Right here on the right side. Tee hee, I’ve got nothing to do when my brain’s so down, and with this fast internet, yet slow laptop, I kinda spammed my twitter.

lol, i'll somehow upload it in the internet to feed your mind what i'm talking about, XDDD

Ok, up next is Economics and Psychology, hehe, don’t give up on me. Then I should be studying accounting later on.

“Change topic time”

Lol, I’ve been thinking about this week’s valentine. Lol I just realized… Happy Valentine’s week! Enjoy the flowing hearts and the flying cupids!!!

Tee hee, I wonder if I’ll be able to draw some valentine themed. Lol, I just thought of something! Muhaha, yep, that’ll be perfect. Hee hee =D



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