Another common day


Another common day

My classmates just have some gamble on playing a basketball game yesterday... and they kinda lost, but still they're the winner! Hehe, our classroom were the cheerers while our enemy like, only have 2 classmates on their side. Lol we were like super duper support. Hehe, the boys really played handsomely. >.>

Ok, another same day, 1 prof. out, 1 subject on excuse (we filled up some evaluation test on the teachers) and one ok subject ACCOUNTING lol, i finally getting a hang of it, and understanding it was like... 3mins... the hell, so hard, hehe, okie, time to study study :))

= eizu

oh and by the way, just opened an oekaki account last (2years) and just used it today =D

eizu on Tegaki E



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