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Manga Update

New Manga coming up! Hope to finish the first 30 pages soon!
And I really should be BACK! :D


Hope to finish soon! ^^


Dear Diary

Dear Diary

Well, this November 28 is the celebration of my very close friend's 18th birthday.
It was so much fun and a very memorable experience to have a party moment with everyone. She was just surprised with the program and everything she didn’t know about especially our video presentation that made her laughed out loud.

Ok and right now,. I’m having a really hard time preparing my debut invitation, since many said that they’ll try, or not sure… I really hoped that all of them will come. XD

Long Long Break and Story

Guys! It's been a while since i stopped blogging, :(
But now I will try,.. no, I will do my best to blog very frequent!!!
And thank you to you guys who kept on visiting my blog.

So here's what's been going on...

From left to right: Me in my friend's debut, me with my friend in a hawaiian like costume for our college week parade, (up) is a picture of the sweet pizza of my best friend's birthday, (down) lolz picture of glue drops or-whatever-you-call-it etc,.

And the art feature...

Of which was a birthday gift to my best pal :D

Lol, I had fun having a photoshoot before the party at our house, thanks to my Mom the photographer! Hehe, and yup that's our LCD tv and christmas tree! :D

Haha, look at me in vain

Pics during the debut party..

Lol! And here's me!!! Haha, it really gave me chill in what to wear coz I don't really have any dress!!! Haha, can you even believe that?! Good thing mom has new ones :D Thank you mom! ;D

And here's our picture during the college week parade, our theme was Lilo and Stitch
Hahaha, lol I think that we really belong to,.. like from other country or tourist during that parade. I'm the one with the pink & yellow flower floral-like necklace or whatever :D

Hehe, picture picture during the parade, every stopover a new picture is born! A bit funny but anyways captures memories :D

Ahaha, and here's a little something... It looks so cute!!! Anyways I did it by dropping glue from about 5 inches high and it will turn into something squishy circle. I shoot this while it was still anew/fresh, haha, then it melted after it was dried, :D

My best pal's bday at shakeys :D

And here's a little something on how I did the artwork for my best pal ;D

And here's some of my style for my upcoming debut. :D yr anniversary

Well, I'm so happy for the outcome of my artworks. My achievements?
ehehehe... having 20k and counting unique visitors in my deviantart page and maybe having my RRO's (Rebirth Ragnarok Online) characters drawn. I'm quite proud of my lord knight art, it is one of the loading screens of RRO since June 2009, here it is....

Oh and I finally published my FIRST POEM and here it is..........

Someday We Will Be Please click the link to see my story

I guess publishing my main website is one of my greatest achievements this year. I know I have some grammatical errors there which I don't want to edit anymore because I just can't T_T. Here's the link...

I decided to stop my violin lessons and continue on vacation time only, coz schooling is so tough and it is more important that I pass all of my subjects. Studying here at UST is so stressful. When I was in first year college, we have 23 sections. Many got kicked out, now we only have 17 sections in BS Accountancy, plus 4 sections taking up Managerial Accounting which has no licensure exam but it is said they have advantage because it is in demand in foreign countries... And if I fail in my accounting subject, I'll be kicked too T__T, I only have one chance. I can retake it but can't go back to BS Accountancy, I have to shift to Managerial Accounting or any other course. But I won't let that happen, of course! Fighting!!! :D

My Inspiration is back!!!

Hehehehe, but i really dunno about my inspiration lasting for a very long time, maybe a week or so.
I'll just be productive as I can, I've been so dead in my deviantart account without a single NEW artwork.
So here's just a few of my Works-In-Progress (WIP)...
Hopefully I would finish it and break this art block! (Art Block is another term for unable to create art due to lack of inspiration and determination, oh and also including a personality of being lazy/for me, :D )


Hehehe, Piracy for the rights and justice for the government reform! :D Hope to finish this soon :D

I was once inspired, but it didn't last, this one ended so bad i wasn't able to finish it. But i'll try. :D

Inspired by asian hunks that makes me so happy =w=

Hahaha, I never touched this one after posting it as a wip, hope to finish it very soon!!!! :D Inspired by both Nodame Cantabile and my violin lessons :D

Around the Internet and my new art piece

And here's my current WIP :D
Lol, somehow, lately I'm so into YouTube right now...

You've got to watch this parody, so funny, I like how twitter got so popular so fast. :D

It's amazing how normal people feel the celebrity life. She did all of these! I admire her passion. :D

And then i'm currently dreaming big about this Japanese live from the anime : Nodame Cantabile!!!
I love music so much!!! :D

You can watch it here... link (For the LIVE version)

And here are also some shots :D

(Continue Reading to view Pictures)

More Shots...

(from link )

This one is the anime series...

LOL, and by the way, just experienced 2 quizzes today, really something, hope I have great results!!! ^__^ SO tomorrow's another quiz day! (everyday, actually)

Art block

Created on July 4, 09

“While I was trying to fight art block, I was amazed to know recently that I have finished a full sketch book with sketches. Maybe I should not call it an art block but perhaps, art cramming.. lol. I have so much art works in my mind and don’t even know which one to finish first. I have so much stories in mind for my upcoming manga, sweet scent. I was busy trying to finish my websites (blog and main)… argg.. trying to make the codes work correctly is annoying. My comment page on isn’t working still T_T.

I have to learn how to manage my art time … professionally ... eherm.. hoping.. AJA!!!

Whenever I imagine an artwork, I really have to write it down. So even if I was working on something else, I still have to sketch what I had in mind to keep my focus. I was busy trying to be good on other art mediums, like water colour, colour pencil, paint… wow I really feel good now.

And thanks to my new home here in Manila. I was having so much time for myself compared to last year when I was living at a catholic ladies dorm, where I have room mates. Well, the advantage of living there was I met new friends. But I love living with just my bro and my male cousin in our 3-BR apartment (rented). Doing house chores is fine with me now hehe…. got used to it. I love that I still have the time to draw now even if I have school works, compared to last year that I can only draw during vacation/holidays.

And I am glad that my bro is here now, we go home together. Hehe he is so patient, he waits for me everyday … Tuesdays and Thursdays might be tiring for him coz he has to wait or come back for me, his last class ends 1 ½ hour earlier than mine. I’m also glad that he finally joined the DA community after months of convincing him . Oh well, he loves drawing monsters hehe, so don’t be surprised in case new monsters are created, that might be my bro’s contribution to the world haha.


testing the comment program

Playing the violin is a blessing

All right... First of all, I thought that learning the violin is easy to handle and for a few lessons you could graduate yourself to a new level! But... I was wrong... It's so terribly hard! But I don't want to lose and give up, I love my violin so much.

My first day was tough. My teacher, Miss Fatima, wanted to hear me play. Even though I had a previous lesson a few years ago, I can't play a single thing! Because my previous teacher didn't teach me the important part, but seriously he didn't really teach me anything. I was ashamed, but gradually I'm happy that I met her even though the tutorial fee at the University is a bit expensive. *_* But of course it has a title, being enrolled at the conservatory of music in UST Manila is an honor. And for that cost, I learned a great thing. And as lessons pass on by, I'm inspired every on and then. And said "I will do my best"

It made me really happy to learn how to tune, to fix the strings, and to read the notes! I'll do my best to be a great violinist as my sideline. I really want to move on. Even if I receive negative criticism about how I play the violin, it can affect me and make me sad, but nonetheless I won't "give up" no matter what! Lol, inspired by the anime La Corda d'oro Primo Passo, and wanting to watch the Secondo passo (2nd season) so much!!!! :333

Because I started this... Thus I want to finish every single step to reach the top.


Lol, my hands hurt, :) ...

Playing the violin was really a challenge and it affected my love for drawing coz I am a left handed, but at the same time I was scared of losing my talent from my left hand because of practice (orz). . I have finger corns ... yeah ... up to now.. but it wont make me stop to draw.... AJA

My First Violin Recital!!!

My first violin recital has ended today!!! It was so fun and i love that i have experienced it. Though I did some mistakes on my recital, I said to myself, It's ok Diana, you can do it! And then I was so relieved after many of the performers ended their piece, so they also made some mistakes. Meaning to say, I was not alone to have done such mistakes. Though I could have done better, but nevertheless, I will always do my best! :D

Here are some pics... :D


Me and my brother..

Lol, my brother took all the pics while I was practicing, It was very annoying but I'm thankful. :D
Lol, Please don't crit much on my posture. My brother took the picture while I was preparing :D hehehe. I have such a... an unusual casual wear for a violin recital, but who cares? I love it! :D


Photobucket Me and my very own violin teacher. She's very professional and a great teacher. I love her so much!!!! Thank you Ma'am!!!

Photobucket Me and some of my violinist group recitalist. They are so great, unlike me. :D

I think I will not upload the video part, Lol, when I get better I want to show it to the world! I'm just beginning. Hehe..

Thank you for viewing


And here's a recent pic of me. ..I look so.. Fat, n-need to diet... :D

We all need to stay young so we need to include happiness in our daily lives not stressing and uncomfortable view in life, believe me. Lol,

So about art,... I hate ART BLOCK!!! It blocked all my free time to creat art, i was out of inspiration. XD well that's all for today! :D


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CG Tutorials

Anime Eyes CG Tutorial

Difficulty level:

Hi guys! Eizu here, I just want to show a simple step by step tutorial but an effective one.
This is about digitally drawing very cute anime eyes, the Eizu way.
I always loved to create my own styles, so I hope that in this tutorial you will find your own style as well. Good luck! And feel free to ask me any questions regarding my tutorials. Enjoy!

Eizu's process of h.e.l.l.

Finished part:

Requirements: Photoshop (any version should do), drawing tablet or mouse
Copyrights: Illustration and CG tutorial made by Me, Eizu from

CG lineart and coloring

Difficulty level:

All right, well this one is a lot more fun to work with. Because it's open to all the details but it's very long to finish, I have finished mine quite long, so patience is needed when you are CG-ing. This tutorial implicates from imaginations, to sketch, to lineart, and to colour various styles. It's highly recommended that you first learn the basics in photoshop to have no confusion on this tutorial. And by the way the characters I presented from this tut is Romeo and Juliet, an anime series composed dramatically beautiful. Enjoy! (lol, I create undefined title like this one, lmao)

Process of TERROR

Photoshop (any version should do), I used a drawing tablet but mouse can also do, first create you're lineart then scan it to your computer and cleanup things, there's also many tutorials out there about traditional linearts then digitally coloured, I used to be that way, and the experience is worth it. :D
Copyrights: Illustration and CG tutorial made by Me, Eizu from

How I used to draw

Difficulty level:

Ok, this one probably don't look like a tutorial, but somehow, I hope that this one would be helpful.
And yes, I do not use the gradient directly to my lineart, I always use the lasso tool the hard way. :P
Thanks and Enjoy the tutorial! :D

School Girl Process

Finished part:

Requirements: Photoshop (any version should do), drawing tablet
Copyrights: Illustration and CG tutorial made by Me, Eizu from

CG Tutorial Part I

Difficulty level:

This is a video tutorial, and my first vid to be broadcast in Youtube, about a short thing using pen tool and mouse for the coloring, I may upload the 2nd tutorial if ever I find my free time lol, Thanks and enjoy the video tutorial! :D

Small CG Process Part 1

Finished part:

Requirements: Photoshop (any version should do), drawing tablet or mouse
Copyrights: Illustration and CG tutorial made by Me, Eizu from


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